Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Moving Encounter

Moving brings all sorts of things to mind. Here's a little sleep-deprived drival - I thought it was funny and thus offer it to the universe:

Romantic encounter?

We met over the kitty litter at Meijers
His amusement of my label reading
Store brand versus name brand
“That’s a good brand”
“I want to make sure it’s clumping.”
“It is.” He twists off the cap and shows me the texture.
I look and take a whiff of the scent.
“I buy this all the time” as he puts it in his cart.
I pick up the same store brand and now we have matching carts,
except that I chose the unscented, and then a litter box – pink – girl cat.
“Looks like you’re setting up shop”
“Moving – need something different”
He starts to leave – checks his litter container. Scented?
“I picked up the wrong one, talking to you.”
Should I be flattered? Is he interested? “What’s your name?”
“Thanks, Jim, for the advice.”
He wheels away smiling. Nothing further.
Clumping, un-scented – very romantic.


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