Saturday, December 05, 2009

Life in General

Trusting all is going well for you, the reader, as it is in the universe -- Life in general is good and healthy and loving for those that are endeavoring to obtain oneness with the Divine Creator. Will most definitely be looking to the "inner being" as much as I can, along with cleaning my inner physical body. The season has changed from a time of gathering to a time of rest. I love how the snow looks, all white and pristeen, but everything is still the same beneath it all. This winter season is a good time to take stock in what is going on in your life in general.

Through trial and error I am regaining parts of me that have been missing; health being the most interesting journey. I purchased a high-powered juicer and am experiencing some fascinating combinations - carrots/celery/apple is my daily tonic.

Life has been calling Light Workers to put our "money" where our mouth is -- It is a time of growth and re-birth and understanding! Happy journey!


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