Sunday, October 09, 2011

A Year Gone By

A year ago I was introduced to the Raw Foods Living Program. Loved it, embraced it, fell away two months later.....pumpkin pie and corn pudding at Thanksgiving did me in. Trouble is, one taste set me taste. Well, I do NOT love my current diet, but have been struggling through the sugar addiction. I had lost 7# with the raw foods and gained it back. Now, I am 30# lighter than I was Oct. 7th last year. But it's because of the no sugar/no flour living plan. Not only living - but living much better - more healthy... and I still eat a LOT of raw fruits and veggies. The discovery of fire certainly helped people live comfortably in cold areas - but it didn't help the diet a lot... just gave people ideas of how to add fattening sauces, etc. to foods... am still not vegetarian, so still need fire.

After yesterday's flag football game and sitting in the sun, we sure didn't need a furnace to keep warm. In fact, umbrellas acted as much needed shade. My grandsons are growing up so quickly!



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