Monday, January 25, 2010


I have been dealing with anger lately – anger for not having fought for things that I thought were mine. At the time of various incidences I was living with this non-interference attitude… but I lost out on relationships because I didn’t fight for them. How can one believe that others have a right to live their own lives and then fight to alter that? There is no point in fighting for something that doesn’t mutually exist spiritually. It is damned hard to not be angry for being totally swept aside as a non-entity in love-relationships and difficult to accept.

Loving friend, and mentor, Dan, said, “As spiritual warriors we don’t fight for stuff like that, we fight to be who we are. That’s what it’s about.”

I hereby give the universe notice that as a spiritual light worker I am fighting for myself – my right to be healthy and to be who I am – healer, lover, nudist, instructor, writer, and hundreds of other nouns; and will allow the universe deal with others’ lives


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