Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A week of "incredible happenings"

It constantly amazes me what little things spark reactions in people ... and the realization that it isn't the little things that matter. They just pile up until it's difficult to see over the top of the pile and a good blow seems to be needed to level the playing field again. That is usually followed by uncontrolled weeping.

I'm a Scorpio and I have this uncanny ability to skirt issues and try to hide my true feelings - until I've had what I consider to be "enough." I can turn around and strike viciously with words that sting - afterall, I'm a writer. Oh, it's easy to blame profound weariness, emotional stress, full moon, immaturity on my part when in reality it is not dealing with the little things and letting them choke my sensibility. Unfortuneately, the volcanic blow usually isn't anything to do with the matters at hand. And this past week's happenings have been a conglomeration of joy, anger, mourning, anger, relief, more anger, and the realization that life isn't always what one wants it to be.

Walk gently, seek peace, love unconditionally - and have understanding children.


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