Monday, November 15, 2010

ALMA-JI Healing Method

There is an old adage "You can never go back home." Well, it doesn't always happen that way. Nope, it isn't always necessarily so...

This past weekend I stopped in to Creative Health Institute (see Bobby's Blog link at the right) to participate in the Son/Sun Greeting. I was warmly welcomed and invited to spend the entire day by the program director, Bobby. It was a wonderful feeling to see "spiritual brothers and sisters" and meet new friends. And oh, the fabulous raw gourmet foods! I ended up spending the night and during that Saturday and early Sunday I gave 12 Reiki sessions. When one gives healing it is inevitable that one receives healing as well. Also, while there, I heard a heart-felt, extemporaneous talk, by the resident chef, D.J.

There were people there from Illinois, Iowa, Texas, Alberta, Canada, Toronto, Canada and even the nearby state of Detroit! [grin]. I felt peace and that special aura of "home."

It was a "vaccination" for me of encouragement to stay within the raw foods program... which I have been doing, but allowing some non-raw items into my diet.

There was time for reflection as well. I have been combining my Reiki training with my psychic healing training with my spiritual energy healing. I have been praying about this for quite a while and was given the words "alma" and "ji" which are Spanish for "soul" and "chi".

Chi, as you may know means life force. I may be the first Alma-ji healing practitioner - but certainly not the first healer that connects mind, body, and spirit. I will be blessed to share this method with you any time. With light and love in this new day. Shirley


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