Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Driving into work this morning I glanced at the garnet ring I am wearing - it is round but in a silver heart-shaped setting. I thought it appropriate for Valentine's Day - a day of hearts and roses and fleeting glimpses of past loves.

The first heart-shaped ring I had was gold with March's birthstone to remind me of a very special man in my life. But, as romances go, this went no where.

The second heart-shaped ring was paua shell in a lovely filigree setting purchased for me by Glenn after "winning" at Soaring Eagle casino. But, as romances go, this was short-lived.

Ah, but this third heart-shaped ring is the charm! The garnet I purchased for myself - is to remind me of my love for myself. Although not a "romance," it should last forever -- at least it is more stable!

Advice for today - love yourself well and remember to be kind to you!


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