Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Morning Misery

Okay - I just HAD to experiment...Well, that's my excuse. The truth being known, I got tired and bored with just raw fruits and veggies. I didn't get on the scale for two full weeks, in hopes that my "modified" diet program would work. I'm still alive - which means it worked. I gained 6# which means it worked TOO well.

So, it's back to the blender and green smoothies.

It's back to NO rice cakes, popped corn, or "just a taste" of cooked foods: ie: pumpkin pie; bread; pizza. How did a diet program of 95% raw become a diet program of 10% raw with all the nonsensical foods that I had been avoiding?

It takes time - megga time to plan and to prepare. Working full time doesn't give a lot of culinary time.... however, that too, is an excuse. We all take time for what we think is important. My blood pressure and blood glucose readings have crept up again in just two weeks. The question is -- am I worth the extra time? Am praying about it.


At December 10, 2010 7:54 PM, Anonymous Daniel said...

Hey Shirley, thanks for your e-mail alert. Read through your blog and the struggle to eat raw and regain your health: go for it!
There was an elderly Chiropractor who came to Allegan year after year for a long time, to the health and healing conference, and I remember how much he stressed that if we eat raw foods - and he encouraged it - to chew each mouthful 15 million times. Of course I am exaggerating! But he demonstrated what he meant by taking one of my blueberries - just a single berry - put it into his mouth and chewed it, and chewed it, and chewed it interminably, while making faces and sending us into fits of laughter. His point was that, although raw foods are good for us, our stomachs are not designed to digest most raw veggies. So we have to mix them with our saliva so the raw greens, especially, can start digesting in the mouth, before they hit the stomach.

Personally, I could see me mashing a handful of blueberries, spitting on it in the morning and coming back for them in the afternoon. I know it takes away all the fun of it, but have you tried to chew a single blueberry for more than ten seconds? I can't even chew a mouthful of berries for more than a minute, and we haven't even got to the juices yet! You must be juicing as well, and my favorite juice is beets, carrots and celery. Imagine taking the freshly poured blend and gulping it down your throat with all its fresh, nutritious, healthy content. Imagine someone telling you that hardly a drop of that pint of pure health is going into your bloodstream!!! None of it has been digested. The water molecules are heading straight to your kidneys and bladder, and the pulp will be sitting in your intestines, rotting.

That scenario took my surprise! I was told to slosh each mouthful around for at least a minute, preferably fife, before swallowing, in order to get at least a modicum of nutrition out of that drink! Can you imagine how long it takes to drink a pint of juice? An hour? Two? Being healthy is a lot of work. But it's worth it.


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